Where to eat next? Restaurant IBERICA


There are great restaurants in Montreal and then you have IBERICA. This new addition to the culinary experience in Montreal has to offer is refreshing, savory and authentic. We have a lot of choices in this city but I say there is always space for a place that offers an elevated culinary experience. 

The menu has a strong Portuguese and Spanish influence with their skillful way of prepping seafood. Iberica acquires the rights to have a special wood oven grill imported from Barcelona that cooks the food in a special way. There is nothing like having access to natural elements to cook your food, wood and fire, just like the good ol' days. The fumes from the wood affects the food in a delicate way

Chef Marino Tavarez knows a thing or two about Spanish food after visiting Barcelona to learn from the best. It shows in the execution and creative menu. The creativity stems from his experiences around the world but yet the food stays traditional and authentic.

Another important aspect that we tend to overlook is the service and the overall experience once you sit and order your first glass of wine. I have been to media dinners where great service is expected since we are all there to judge but sometimes its just not there so its not a given. I was smitten by the kindness of the waiters at Iberica, you can tell management has high expectations. The restaurant is cozy, rustic  with modern elements in the architecture and textures. The lighting is also well balanced in this overall eclectic space created by interior designer  Zebulon.



Overall, I recommend this place for any occasion especially to treat someone you love. Lately a lot of you have been asking me where to eat. Know that Iberica is on top of my recos of the year. It is not for the one who is attached to prices because it can get pricey but for the one who loves to eat, wants to take a quick trip to Barcelona without leaving the city. The 'high end' meets home made food combination is one to remember!



May you enjoy your experience like I did! 



Ps: order the homemade fries, garlic & Espelette pepper shrimps, seafood Paella, seabass , lamb chops, white wine and the churros!!!!! 








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