Your next destination? WESTWOOD restaurant

There is a new and refreshing restaurant in Laval called WESTWOOD and I was invited to try the menu. Located near the Place Bell center, this place makes you feel like you’ve traveled on the west coast for a few hours.

When you enter the WESTWOOD, you are taken by the ecclectic but yet cohesive elements of the decor created by Quebec’s own interior designer Zébulon. For someone who lives in Laval, I was craving a trendy spot with good food! Westwood is all of that and beyond.

The Japanese inspired menu was elaborated by Chef Renaud Lettelier & Chef Pinou Thong who were both mentored by the incomparable Chef Antonio Park. You find fresh seafood, creative salads, exotic veggies and great combinations that bring unique flavors like the charcoal New York strip steak with blue cheese butter. Simply beautiful. We also tried the black cod served with root vegetable purée and carrots. Everything was on point and well balanced, it’s too bad there wasn’t more food on the plate! ;)

Let’s not forget the precise cocktail list and the well rounded wine selection.


Wether you want dinner before/after a concert, drinks & snacks on a Friday night with good music or you are craving a good culinary experince, think about Westwood restaurant. I predict that this place will become a hot spot in the city.

Check out for more info.

I definitely will be back to try more food on the menu.