Latest foodscapade in Montreal


Looking for good spots this summer to eat? Well here is my list of places you will want to check out! 


Open since 1981, Pizzaiolle has created a name for themselves. Specializing in oven wood crusted pizza, you find a great selection of toppings. Recently, the place revamped their menu and the chef added 3 delectable gnocchi dishes to add more authenticty to the menu. I had the lobster pizza and it was perfectly seasoned with the spicy oil touch of course! The drinks are on point (Aperol Spritz all day every day)  and lovely desserts. Overall it was an honest and filling dinner. Great for group reservations! 



Palme Restaurants 

There is a new caribbean restaurant in town and they didnt come here to play. Recenlty opened in the Ville-Marie area, this place offers a great mix of recipes inspired by different places in the Caribbeans.. The three elements that stood out for me are the flavors and how it taste like home (Haiti), the creativity of the chef who has fun with his dishes and the fun platting that adds a great touch to the experience. From ceviche to rice and peas risotto, you will enjoy the experience! Palme restaurant is definitely a great location to discover! 




The second location for SIAM is now open downtown montreal.  Since I have a soft spot for Thai food, i tend to be critical of that kind of food. The enchanting decor really sets the tone for what has turned out to be a memorable experience. The Thai menu is composed with classic like 'tom yum soup' or 'chicken in red curry' and a few recipes that are new (exclusive at their location downtown) like miang kham (betel lea wrap) and khao tang na tang (porc, shrimp paste & coconut cream dipping sauce). It is a festive and impressive experience to eat at SIAM. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, I recommend this place! 



Joiea Sociale

There is a new Italian food spot in the Old Montreal area that you might want to check out. This place is very representative of their name, where food and sharing  is at the centerfold. I had a Spritz as a starter then the burrata (it was epic!), fried calamari, branzino with a granita to smooth things out. There are countless pasta and pizzas  to choose from and of course a carne section for the meat lovers. Enjoy this place with loved ones and share different plates as this is the essence of Joiea Sociale!


Invitation V

It's pretty exciting to add a vegan restaurant to the list because good ones are hard to find. Invitation V deserves  spot in my list because it's that good. The main issues I hear about vegan restaurants is the lack of spices and flavors in the dishes, often times its bland. This message is discouraging for the ones who decided to go vegan and for the ones who aren't, well it can be a ruff ride. I enjoyed the menu with meat eaters and they enjoyed it. The food i refreshing, light, flavorful and creative. The chef manages to make you forget that you did not have meat, for a few hours.  Bottom line, vegan food is not for everyone but if you slightly open your mind, I suggest you try this place and let the versatility of vegetables surprise you. 



If you have any other spots you recommend please share. Enjoy the culinary world in Montreal!  








Geri Young