Your wine list for the weekend!

Good weather rhymes with good vibes! Since it is still nice out, this weekend will be pretty busy with all your last day parties, terraces and cookouts. For the occasion here is my weekly wine list that will definitely inspire you!


In the north-east part of Italy resides special grapes that give you the distinctive taste of the Prosecco wines. These prosecco grapes go thru the normal wine procedure then comes the Charmat technique which is a natural fermentation process. This is what gives the smooth bubbles. I find that Prosecco is very easy to fall for and accessible. The fruity taste works well with your orange juice for your mimose or again Aperol bitter for a perfect spritz. As soon as you taste this one you feel like celebrating could be the fizz from the bubbles that sparks this joy or I just love vino! 

Ruffino Prosecco.jpg


Another smooth white wine on the list is the Badenhorst Secateur wine from South Africa made from Chenin and Palomino grapes. Chenin wines are very easy to appreciate with their fruity and slightly mineral aftertaste. When your wines has green almond and white ginger details, you are bound to fall for the experience. Enjoy any light food like a sexy salad with this one!

Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc.jpg


Oooooh this one is good! Very light, tasty with a great body. Off the coast of California you find one of the best pinot grapes in the world. The perfect notes of moka, vanilla and oak makes this wine a perfect addition to your dinner. Another thing I love about this wine is that you can drink it alone, the notes come out right! The more you savor the more you fall in love with its complexity. I see pasta with ripe tomatoes with one! 

High-Res MEIOMI pinot noir.png


Newcomer Liberado wines brings a refreshing vibe to the industry. Their motto? Everything is inspired by freedom and passion to spice up your next event. The cabernet-sauvignon/tempranillo combination brings a complex blackcurrant and cherry taste. The boldness of the red wine is perfect for smoked food so bring it out at the barbecue this weekend. Spanish wines have a magical way of infusing a feel good moment after every sip.

High Res_Liberado Rouge.jpg


Enjoy every moment this weekend and dont drink and drive! 






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