Why you will fall in love with LOV

Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian you name it.... the food industry is becoming quite complex and finding a place that suits everyone is not easy but I believe there is one in Old Montreal. More and more people are developing allergies, turning vegan etc. This shift in the culinary world is a clear indication that there needs to be more vegan restaurants that are tasty for meat and non-meat eaters so we can all get along. LOV restaurant fills that gap with their great menu and swanky decor. It might not sound like a big deal but it is for the vegan/vegetarian community, they need LOV too! Chef Stephanie Audet wanted to open a place that serves healthy, fresh, local and tasty food; a combination that is often looked over by other places. The recipes are creative and fun! LOV also serves great cocktails and an impressive organic/natural wine card with up to 90% vegan local food on the menu. Add it to your bucket list because LOV is an experience in itself with the overall vibe of the place and also to change your perception of what vegan/vegetarian food should look/taste like. You have the option of going for brunch, lunch or dinner.


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pic credit: Patricia Brochu






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