BÙ, the kind of wine you will love

There is a new kid on the block in the vino world. Local wine expert Jessica Harnois traveled to Italy to personally select a few wines for the BÙ collection. When you take the time to taste the wine you clearly see that Jessica knows what she is doing. The wines are great and easy to drink. The concept behind this collection? Create a good wine selection that can be sold at a grocery store and change the popular belief that great wines are only sold in specialized liquor stores. I can say that their mission is accomplished. I did not fall in love with all of them but I can see why these wines will sell very well.

Let's talk about white wine for a sec. When you are expected at a diner and need wine but you're not sure what to get well first go with white and pick a chardonnay. This type of raisin is a popular one because it is tasty, fruity with a creamy lingering feeling at the end.

The red 'GLISSANDO' is a good one but on the light side. I only say 'but' because I tend to go with stronger wines but again a great option for a light dinner. The wine has a good red cherry aftertaste.

Last but not least, the 'VIVERE' derived from sangiovese grapes is by far my favorite because it's a strong, spicy and generous wine. For less than 15$ get yourself a bottle and enjoy with your loved ones.

Check out their website www.vinsbu.com for more info

Mlle Geri


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