L'Gros Luxe goes vegetarian

What we (well maybe it's just me) once considered to be a trend is now a popular way of living, vegetarianism/veganism is here to stay. Now i'm aware that this is nothing new, alot of people have been meatless for ages but now the industry caught up and there are more options that are being offered especially in the restaurant industry. A few years ago, trying to find a great and tasty vegetarian restaurant wasn't easy. Today more and more places are getting on board but at what price? Cutting meat and dairies is not easy so you need to be stimulated in a creative way in order to enjoy your new diet. I personally cut back meat in a drastic way and my challenge has always been to bring a serious meat eater to a vegetarian place that I love and that he/she will honestly enjoy. L'Gros Luxe franchise now has a 100% vegetarian location that will solve all issues. It's that good! The owner is vegetarian himself and it shows on the menu. You can enjoy a sexy beet hummus dip or their signature pulled 'chicken' burger at a very reasonable price as it is the restaurant's concept. This place is not trying too hard, they understood that we have to use recipes we know but give it a vegeterian twist so that both parties (vegetarian vs carnivore) can enjoy. I have already called my die-hard meat eaters to come and experience this place with me. I am confident that they will love it. You should give it it try for yourself ;)

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