Phi Center presents THEATER OF LIFE


I have always seen my life as a play! We are all on a stage trying to find the right role and play our part the best way we know possible. A crucial part of this role we have is to preserve the Platform on which we are performing which is called the Earth. Small gestures like turning off the faucets while brushing your teeth or  reducing food waste by being more conscious of those in need  is where it starts and activist Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura has decided to contribute greatly.

MASSIMO BOTTURA Pic credit: Farideh Sadeghin

MASSIMO BOTTURA Pic credit: Farideh Sadeghin


With an on going effort of feeding the hungry and reducing the food waste (especially in restaurants) comes a series of events in relations with THEATER OF LIFE a documentary by  Peter Svatek co-produced by Triplex Films and the NFB, in collaboration with Phi Films.

The documentary was inspired by the efforts of the beloved Mr. Bottura and the Refetterio Ambrosiano in Greco, Milan which serves food the the homeless, immigrants an others with the food that normally would have been wasted. To keep the conversation going on the matter check out the PHI CENTER website to see all events (dinners, culinary demos, exhibits etc) that have been put together for you with. Make sure you book also book a culinary demo with local chef extraordinaire Antonio Park!


It will be a great pleasure be part of this event, see you there!





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