Montreal is officially a foodie city, restaurants are opening pretty much everyday. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie but this situation makes the industry quite fragile and the clientele, well lets just say we sometimes have ADD. For a week or two, we focus on one spot until another restaurant opens then we march in that direction.  

After 25 years in the business, Buonanotte supperclub is still standing and that is commendable. Besides the fun and flashy supperclub concept, this restaurant prides themselves with their experience with food and cocktails. Newly hired Chef Marco Bertoldini of Venetian descent takes us to a memorable culinary journey. Most of the items on the menu were tasty, honest and refreshing. When you are served an Italian dish and are taken back when you were having a similar plate in Italy, you know its good! Buonanotte has become one of the places I recommend when someone asks for a good meal, great wine list with a stunning décor. Wishing the team another 25 years!

Geri YoungComment