Wine of the Week: The Arboleda Wines of Chile!


In the Aconcagua Valley (100km north of Santiago, Chile) is where will find the lovely Vina Arboleda vineyard that was founded by Eduardo Chardwick in 1999 as a tribute to Chile's trees that have been preserved in a sustainable way. Known for their favorable climate and unique scenery, Chile produces stellar wines. The vineyard has 113 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, careful planted on the side of the side of the hills which allows to bring out a certain complexity in their blends. All of this to say that Arboleda wines are well blended and easy to drink.  We had the chance to taste their selection in a private setting with a wine expert  and chef who helped us develop our palettes. After the tasting and eating the lovely paella which respected the Spanish theme,  the Syrah remains one of the top red wines although the Carmenere had a surprisingly great lingering taste. In the whites, Chardonnay stays that favorite for the buttery and smooth taste. It is always a pleasure to discover a new wine. Next time you get to the store, look for the Arboleda wines and enjoy! Salud!





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