Wine of the week: EPICA!

This week it is all about the tasty Chilean wine EPICA! Six generations later the winemakers from EPICA worked to create a young and refreshing wine. Nowadays, the wine lovers are not the ones we knew. With a generation that has a short attention span, winemakers have little to no time to impress people. If I base my assumptions on what is popular nowadays , a good wine consists of a lingering feeling, great level of alcohol and easy to drink which means on the sweet side. EPICA has all the characteristics to become a popular wine. Cool it for a few seconds and you've got yourself a good time. 

Directly from Vina San Pedro Chile, I tried the mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Syrah that gives a nice sweet cherry and cocoa after taste that will convert even the ones who don't fancy red wine. For the white wine lovers, the also have a great Chardonnay you should try. All and all, feel confident to bring EPICA at your next event! 

Taste: sweet and savory but still easy on the pallet.

Pairing: Red meat! From beef to lamb, it works!

Price: under $15

Check out their site for more info on the wines.




Geri YoungComment