Mexican food galore in Old Montreal

 The old port being one of the favorite destination for tourists welcomes a new mexican restaurant called Emiliano's. Inspired by (of course Mexican and South American, this place offers a unique tasting experience. It is the mexican food we know but reinvented in a subtle way.   Where most of the food we know is  tacos, the authenticity of this cuisine comes from a variety of methods and flavours that derive from the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Get your classics on the menu like tamales, ceviche, tacos or a traditional mole but try also the ones that are not as common like their sick guacamole with spicy crab meat. Addictive! 

I went in not knowing what to expect and left pleasently full and pleased. The food was fresh, tasty an made with love. Now remember, the fusion with different cultures is not that flagrant, you go there to enjoy a nice cocktail and lightly fusioned (can I say that?) Mexican food in a modern setting. Enjoy! 

PIC CREDIT: @moniquephoto

Geri YoungComment