How traveling with Ford will make your life easier

When you have to make a quick stop to Toronto from Montreal for a dinner party, you evaluate the transportation options. Although the plane was a great option, I happen to travel with a friend who loooooves to drive so we decided to test drive the new Ford Escape Titanium to Toronto. 



The world of SUVs has evolved rapidly. It is really a great kid-friendly option without compromising on the performance while driving. The new Ford Escape has all the features you need and more! The exterior has the classic 'robust' feel and when you enter the car, the level of comfort and elegance is well received. Here are the top three features that might make you consider getting this car. 




The name says it all, for those who are conscious about the environment, the gas economy is impressive. A full tank goes a long way. Want to do your part with the environment without feeling like you gave the car's power away? The turbocompressor won't allow it! So push the car as you want and have fun on the road. 


Standing still while the motor is running is brutal for the environment. At Ford they always try to find ways to be as eco-friendly as possible! Whenever you press the brakes for a few secs (during traffic for instance) the motor stops running and starts again when you let go of the brakes. This feature is nothing new but for FORD Escape's price range, its not a common option so it is definitely a plus! 


Let's face it sometimes we get tired on the road so the sensor in the rear view mirror is priceless as it will sense if you are dozing off. The steering wheel will shake to notify you that you need to get back on track. I love it! 

For those reasons, reliability , smooth ride and comfort, I recommend you visit a dealership near you and experience the new Ford Escape Titanium. 

Thank me later! ;) 



Geri YoungComment