On the road with Corolla!

As a car lover, it was a great pleasure to drive the new 2016 Toyota Corolla LE! When you think of a Corolla, you think of it's durability. It is the type of car you can trust. As a woman who is attracted to everything beautiful, I am very pleased with the new look of the Corolla. It's sleek and sexy.  Can we get a car that we can trust plus looks hot? The red Corolla LE I was driving gave me just that and more.

This summer I drove the Corolla for different outings from the F1 in Montreal to the Summer of Chefs at the Balnea Spa, it just didn't want to stop driving it around. I even had to wait at a stop light so people could look at the car, double-checking if it was really a Corolla.

. For those of you who are more into the driving experiencewill not be disappointed either, it has a great grip on the road. I would not consider this car to have torch, if you are the type to push on the road you might find it doesn't give you enough power but it is not about that for this type of car and besides excessive gaz emission is so 2005!

The Toyota Corolla is a car to consider for your next purchase because its reliable. Remember you can always test drive the car at the dealership just so you can understand what I am talking about. 

Mlle Geri.