Happy 10th anniversary Robin des Bois

Creating a 'volunteer based' non profit restaurant that gives out proceeds to different charities does not seem feasible until Judy Servay (with other partners at the time) decided that it woud be. Ten years later, the unique restaurant Robin des Bois is still standing. The concept (first in the world) is intricately simple. You hire a team of employees to cover the bases in the restaurant, then build a volunteers system for the extra help around the kitchen and dining room area. In the end the proceeds (once the employees have been taken care of) go out to 4 different charities in Montreal. For their 10th anniversary, Robin des Bois restaurant was renovated to give the place a new look. I went for dinner there and to my pleasant surprise the menu was elaborate, very tasty and 99% of the food served was homemade. I appreciate the love that is put into the recipes, the food and the service! You go to Robin des Bois for the decadent food, the experience and the noble concept that your coins will serve a higher purpose. 

Please note that I will be part of the volunteers in the kitchen in a few days, so come by and say hi!

For more info on how you can contribute, check out their website!





Geri YoungComment