How to get the perfect brows!


One thing that gets to me in the beauty industry is the obsession people created around brows! So many of us want the perfect brows! We pluck, shave, get that 'flawless' shape but what the industry doesn't tell you is that 'perfection' can only be achieved with the shape that you naturally have. Unless I get brow implants, I can't get my brows to look like Kim K and I am good with that, well somewhat. There are so many beautiful shapes out there that I can understand how confusing (and annoying) it can be to then look at yourself in the mirror and say, OK how do I do this?! 

After working as a makeup artist for more than 20 yers, I realized that we need to have a serious conversation about our brows. Too many people are buying into what the industry tells us to buy or do with our face. I'm even confused myself at times!  No you can't have more brows but you can fake the funk all while respecting your brow line. 

This is why on Saturday February 4th, I have decided to start my first  'Brow Workshop' so we can talk, share our struggles with them brows and learn how to perfect them. I am here to help you so reserve your spot now! I have a few spaces left! 

RSVP: or leave a comment if you have any questions! 

See you then! 






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