DIY: Jazz up your frames!


When you are bored with an accessory what do you do? You jazz it up! I have been collecting frames for a while now, there is simply something magical about them. Although I don't need to wear them, I like to use the as an item that enhances my look or simply when I don't feel like wearing makeup! I have changed numerous frames with stickers, nail polish, name it! This time was yearning for some pizzazz on the latest black frames I got. Then an idea popped in my head, I ran to the dollar store...


The intention here is to add texture on these regular squared shape frames


I picked out a pack of black stones that are semi-matte. The point wasn't to make my frames sparkle but just to add just enough shine without making it look tacky.

DIY frames 2.jpg

As you can see in the pack the studs are already glued together so you won't have to place them one by one. One you pull out the ends the whole detaches itself so the goal is to precisely place them around by following the frame's shape. Make sure you add the same amount of studs on each side for symmetry.  

The trick here is to take your time and place them carefully because once the studs stick on the frames its hard to move them around. Plus my long nails didn't help!

As a first time, I am loving the results. I see imperfection that I will diligently fix before I wear them again! Figured I would show you real results ;)  I already know what my next frame will look like.

Stay tuned! 




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