La Grande Guignolée des Médias: Give today, tomorrow and the day after.

Every year we hear about LA GRANDE GUIGNOLÉE DES MÉDIAS happening in Montreal around the holidays. Never have I understood this fundraiser like I did last week. As human beings we rarely relate to what happens to people around us until it happens to you. 

Last week we had a media dinner that started lavishly (the way we normally eat) and went down the drain with an empty plate. This genius PR move made us understand what it feels to be good one day and not good the next, simple as that. My first reaction when i hear the thousands of people visit food banks every year is always, how can someone get to that point when they look healthy enough to get a job? Last year more than 2.3 millions of dollars was raised in Quebec for La Grande Guignolée des Médias and it is still no enough. There is a serious need for food here, quite shocking. Even in the middle class that we consider comfortable, statistics show 1 person out of 3 thought of knocking on food bank's doors for help. The scary part is that it could happen to happen to any of us. 

The media dinner in collaboration with Bob le Chef was organized to make us understand why this fundraiser is so important.  Once we understood the concept, I was ready for my dinner but it never came., things just got real. I am not sure everyone enjoyed that concept but it was an eye opener for me and I believe that if I was the only one impacted in the room, it can still be considered a progress. 

On December 8th, LA GRANDE GUIGNOLÉE DES MEDIAS will be happening around the city. Thousands of celebs/journalists will be on the street ringing bells collecting funds so find one near you and give generously. It is not a matter of why people need us, they just do. As it doesn't come naturally to us on a daily basis to give what we don't have, we often need a wake up call. The best way to do so is to count our blessings (health, a roof over our head etc) and be careful how you spend as it is a true gift to have access to food on a daily. So give back today, tomorrow and the day after. 

Take care, 


Geri YoungComment