Beauty Review: Microblading

Let's face it, getting the perfect brows has become an obsession in the beauty industry. There are numerous techniques like pencils, gels, powder or even permanent makeup that can be used to achieve such perfection. K Esthetique now offers the microblading technique, which is a semi-permanent tattoo. The name says it all, it is a small tool that has very smalls blades. With the ink, small lines are drawn on your brows to mimic your hair follicule. As a makeup artist I was quite intrigued and impressed by this concept as it surely creates a more natural effect.  I decided to jump of the wagon and try the microblading technique and I must say that I am very pleased. For someone who never lets anyone touch her brows, it was hard for me to let go and let founder Keisha from K Esthetique do her job. She is is so professional that I was at ease right away. Here is what happened: 

step 1: Here is what my natural brows look like. I plucked so much that became thin and a rebellious. I still love them because although they look crappy, a little powder goes a long way. 

STEP 2: I should mention that when Keisha does the outline with the blades it really hurts but the pain doesn't last. 

STEP 3: Afte the dye, here are the results:  

If you remember how rebelious my brows were, you see that they have a shape and still look very natural! 

STEP 4: After 4 weeks you have to return to get a touch-up just to fill a few empty spaces and mostly to check how your skin reacted to the microblading. During that time you get to fix any discrepancy you might have noticed. I waited longer than 4 weeks because of my conflicting schedule but I still love the results. 

IMG_6884 (1).JPG

As my final review, me like! I still take the time to make them look thicker with my brow powder but that is because I did not want to be stuck with a shape for more than 6 months! This technique is semi-permanent so won't last forever but it is a great option if you like a more natural effect with your brows. I recommend! 

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