Going natural one product at a time

I was recently in a conversation with a friend and we were talking about deodorant. Which one do you use she asked? After talking about the products I use, I realize how natural products have taken over my daily life. Here are the ones I use that quite frankly work. 

1. Aluminum free deodorant 

The deodorant conversation is a heated one since the day statistics showed that the aluminum found in the antiperspirant are no good for you. Let's face it, antiperspirant are great because they absorb everything and mask the odor while the deodorant doesn't mask anything and you dont get the 'dry' feeling. After trying hundreds of different kind of deodorant from plant based to silk, I found one that works. The ADIDAS cotton tech absorbs the right amount of sweat without staying on the next day and masks the odors. FYI: if you have a strong body odor you might consider watching what you eat as the two are related. 

2. Body wash! 

I discovered this products years ago and have been hooked ever since. Dr Bronner's pure castille soap is lovely, natural and efficient. This magic potion contains a mix of organic essential oils (coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba) that are perfect for the skin. A little goes a long way since you have dilute a very small amount with water. Don't even try to use it alone, it will practically burn you, its that concentrated!  Once you try this organic and fair-trade product, you won't go back. 

3. Fluoride free life!

This one is really based on information that I gathered online, fluoride is not a great product to use. Although it is great to prevent tooth decay, the ingestion can cause harm in the long run. This is in part why tab water is not recommended because there is fluorine in there. Although fluoride free toothpaste is a good option, I find that the regular toothpaste that we grew up on contain sugar so I dont see the point of brushing my teeth with sugar everyday. The quest to find a natural toothpaste that tastes good stopped at TOM'S toothpaste. I am content. 

4. Chemical Free skin 

This category is quite simple. Especially during winter I use either organic coconut oil or raw shea butter to get a serious moisturizing effect. TIP: use the coconut oil right after your shower to seal in the moisture. As for the shea butter, there is a multitude of products out there that contains some but there is nothing like a raw product because you get the direct effects. That way you will also be able to use it for your face and hair. Enjoy! 

Raw Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter

5. Love for my clothes 

The last product I use is one of my favorites. Knowing that our skin is very porous, it is important to use the best products. You clothes carry chemicals so your detergent plays a huge role. The goal is to use a natural detergent that actually takes out the stains. Local brand, SAMPSON ECO SHOP offers a natural water-based detergent mixed with non-toxic ingredients. The best part is that you get to choose your scent with essential oils so you will literally smile every time you wear you clothes. Note that this shop makes organic products for the home, shower gels, deodorants etc so take that time to explore their site. 




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