We are all a little bit in denial but let's face it, the holiday season is fast approaching. You know what that means?! It's time to think about what you are going to wear to your upcoming parties. This year, PENNINGTONS stepped it up with trendy fabric and styles. Here the looks that stood out and why. ;) 


This fabric has made a serious comeback and the holidays is a great moment to try it out. The simplicity of the tunic allows you to style your look however you want. 


Let's face it there is nothing surprising with sequins for the holidays BUT what caught my eye for this look is the color. Especially when dark colors are important for the holidays, I just love that they dared to bring a beige sequin top to mix things up. 

3. LACE 

A classic element that we should all have in our closet is a lace garment. This romantic and delicate fabric is a must! In this case I love the placement of the lace on the sleeves and collar. Such a great and subtle touch. You can even wear it alone but adding a statement piece will take it up a notch. The next look is a simple two piece suit with a red lace top just to give a hint of pizzazz.  

4. Satin

As you can see, it is all about keeping the classic fabrics but adding a modern and refreshing twist. I love this look from head to toe. Holidays don't mean 'cover up' so dare to wear a light outfit (get a good coat) and dance the night away.  I also love the dress with the rhinestones, very elegant for a special night.  The shoes are also available so you have no excuse to look fabulous this year! 



You don't want anything fancy but still want to make a statement, Tess Holiday's collection might be your best option. Dare to crop it during the holidays with class and style. Add a nice blazer on top to give it a more corporate feel . 

Stay fabulous!