Foodies will love this event

 l like to say that the fall/winter season is the most wonderful time of the year because roften times restaurants participate in fun food festivals. Knowing that when it gets cold outside we tend to not go out so getting great incentives like reduced prices on the menu or two for one on certain plates is always a good reason to go out and explore. Tuango joins the movement by creating LA TABLÉE. Get a 20$ passeport for the weekend and enjoy meals at 2 for 1 or a reduced price on the Table d'Hôte. I personally went to TERRACINA in Laval to experience LA TABLÉE and enjoyed every second of it. From the food to the overall experience. With more than 13 restaurants on the list, you are bound to find a place that you will enjoy so get your passport and indulge!  


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Geri YoungComment