Not happy with your fitness ROI (Return On Investment) ? Then it’s time for CHANGE… before life kicks you off the fitness train and you know it usually passes every New Year. Here is something new and refreshing that will surely help you get closer to your goals.


Just like the baseball pitch “changeup” is a pitch that starts off fast and significantly slows down during  it’s trajectory. The time it takes to execute one repetition is called a tempo. It’s one aspect of the fitness program that is often over looked. So here how you read a tempo. Often determined by 3 or 4 sets of numbers indicating the seconds for each part of the motion of a rep(Squat down=eccentric; pause=isometric; up= concentric ; pause= neutral position) example : 3-2-1-2 = 3 secs to go down, 2 at the bottom, 1 sec to come back up and 2 sec at the neutral position. This method is to be done for 4 weeks.

In the Changeup workout, there will be 3 different speeds during the same set; Slow  Tempo: 5-0-5-0 Reg.  Tempo: 3-1-2-1 Fast  tempo: 1-0-1-0.

source: antranik.org

source: antranik.org


For the weight use 65% of your RM (repetition maximum)  or use the weight you would take to perform the rep 15 times and work your way up or down. So here are the reps you need to do depending on your goals! 


  • 3-4 set of 9 tot. rep (5 slow ,  4 fast ) light weight


  • 3-4 set of 10  tot. rep (3 slow,  3 reg.,  3 fast )light


  • 3-4 set of  tot. rep (2 slow ,  4 fast , 2 slow)mid to mid. Heavy


There you have it, stay tune for more! Leave a comment and we'll get back to you! 



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