New season, new fragrance by YSL, Lancôme & Valentino

If you’re like me, you enjoy switching things up whenever there’s a new season around the corner. Fall calls for rich and spicy fragrances, the ones that linger on your coat and scarf . Why should you change when it gets colder? Well your body heat doesn’t rise as much when it’s cold outside so your fragrance won’t adapt as much because body odor changes with perspiration. During the summer, you want to keep your perfumes fresh and light. As we walk into comfort and warmth season, I’m back to share with you the new YSL, Valentino and Lancôme fragrances. Intricate and well balanced, these perfumes might make you consider adding a bottle to your collection or better yet, find your signature scent!

born in Roma by VALENTINO

This one screams luxury! From the bottle (inspired by the Roman architecture) to the costly bourbon vanilla and the 3 jasmine flowers that can be found in the women’s version. Although the floral notes are strongly noticeable, the hint of lingering wood at the end really creates a memorable and sexy combination. The ‘uomo’ side gives us smoked vetiver, sage and ginger notes to name a few. The ginger spices it up for a bit of funk but the sage draws you in and gives it depth. Your partner will thank you and strangers will definitely remember you.

LIBRE by ysl

‘‘Libre’’ means free so it is all about freedom for this fragrance and you can tell the perfume makers wanted to experiment freely. Their Oriental twist is a one of a kind scent with a daring mix of mandarin orange, lavender, vanilla, black currant and musk. First, catch the fruity notes then once it sits and blends, the lavender, cedar and musk grounds everything. Wear this fragrance with pride because you are free to …


Whenever a woman wears LANCÔME, you know it. Their signature blend is distinctive and addictive. From my perspective, their fragrances have always been delicate and romantic. This new campaign urges us to be our own Idôle! Empowered, driven and unapologetic women, that is whom the perfume was created for. Idôle’s classic note being the rose has been paired with the white musk, patchouli, cedarwood, bergamot and jasmine to give it more ‘body’. Besides the new but yet classic scent, the wow factor is definitely the sexy thin bottle with the golden cap. If you are already a Lancôme woman, don’t be afraid to try this one. It’s the classic version with a modern twist.

All of these fragrances are available at SEPHORA!



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