HOLTS X LET'S BOND: Shopping for a great cause

The shame of not feeling like you want to go thru another day. I don't understand what is happening to me, I feel helpless and lifeless. I cant talk to my family about it, they won't understand. I was raised by two strong parents who taught me to suck it up and work hard. No time for weakness. Besides, it's not something we address in the black culture. So why am I depressed? I am a smart spoiled brat who (seems) to know where she is going with all othe pictures, events, projects....well I didn't have a clue. Dark days, dark thoughts, my own little voice discouraging me to move forward. Everyday I heard: 'No one is going to want to be with a woman like you and whatever you decide to do in life, it won't work' Try going about your day with that voice in your head! Today, although I feel good, I work at it on a daily basis because it is easier to stay negative then to push myself to control that voice and be responsible for my life. When I look back, I can't pin point how I was able get out of this funk but all I can say is that opening up and sharing with a friend or a professional is a huge step. No one is protected from mental illness and being open on the matter is really a first step to end the stigmatization. 

This is why, I am happy to be an ambassador for The 2nd annual Let’s Bond x Holt Renfrew Spring Event – « En Vogue with Holt » happening on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 which is a fundraiser for mental illness research founded by Let's Bond. 

En Vogue with Holt is a very cool soirée where you get a memorable shopping experience,  diverse beauty stations, barbers, shoe shining, food and drinks with a live DJ to name a few! Make sure you also catch the 'flash fashion show' which will she some light on the cause in a fashionable way. 

Founded in 2011 by a group of young professionals, Let’s Bond is a Montreal collective that aims to continuously make an impact in helping those suffering from mental illness by promoting awareness and acceptance, organizing engaging events, and by providing financial support to leading foundations working within the field –The Mental Illness Foundation and The Douglas Institute Foundation. 

I had the chance to shop around at Holts to see what's in store for you May 3rd 

Last year, Let’s Bond successfully raised $20,000 so let's help them raise some more this year. 

For more information and donations visit their site: letsbond.ca and for tickets click here

See you there! 









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