BAL EN NOIR starter kit

Bal En Noir presented by BEC (benevolats en communication) is back for their 5th edition. The room will be filled with more than 600 professionals in the communications and marketing  field. Being a very tough and stressful field, the BEC helps members to overcome any financial or personal issues.  This year,  the theme is 'Sunglasses at Night' which very 80s inspired  with frames provided by HOKA. Let's just say that it can be hard to know where to start when its time to figure out what to wear. For the occasion, I spotted 5 styles that would work perfectly for the occasion! 


1. Jumpsuit season 

It is always a good idea to wear a jumpsuit! It's easy, comfortable and flattering. This one from Boutique 1861 is perfect! There so many options, you will surely find one! 


2. Rebel 

I know I mentioned that it is a Bal en Noir but what if you found the perfect outfit that wasnt all black? It would be a great way to break the rules, for one night. This outfit is a perfect combination of 2 strong pieces that represent the era but worn in a modern way.  Mix up your style! 

leather perfecto

3. Little bold dress

It is always good to go with a classic option that stands the test of time. The inspiration behind this one is all about geometry. A great simple dress that has a detail that brings you back to the good old days. Think thrift store! 


You cant go wrong with accessories to really get the party started. From lace gloves to piled up necklaces, have fun! There is no such thing as too much. Here is also a first look at the HOKA brand who teamed up with Bal en Noir this year to provide the glasses. ;) 

5. Hair & Makeup

There is no outfit without the full hair and makeup experience! Knowing you will have frames all night there is no point in wearing a lot of eye shadow. I am thinking a great liner, bold lips and lots of hairspray! If you do want to try color try bold ones as it will stand out! ;) 








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