Bal de Ste Justine 18th edition

In less then 2 days, Gare Windsor will be filled with guests from different backgrounds supporting CHU Ste Justine and their efforts to enhance the experience offered at the neonatal department of the Ste-Justine hospital. Every day, a new child is born and they need special attention and in some cases advanced treatments to avoid complications. Funds need to be raised to perfect the technology and services offered. You would be surprised how the amounts raised make a difference.

This year, the foundation wants to raise 300 000$ and they are determined to do so. It would be amazing for you to contribute to their efforts by attending the annual ball this Friday and celebrate life with us. If you are unable to, check out the link below and donate directly to the cause.

For those of you who want to attend one of the top fundraisers in the city and party with us this Friday, there are a few tickets left! Get your ticket, find a dope outfit and see you on the dance floor!

Mlle Gerixx

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