Until July 22nd, take a nap with Casper!

Introduced in 2014, the mattress company CASPER has been changing the game with their engineered mattress at a really great price. The best way to understand what it means to sleep on a perfect mattress is by trying it. Until July 22nd the Chalet Casper is where you want to be! Discover the Casper universe, shop for your favorite items and most importantly take a nap on their comfy mattress! I believe that there is no greater reward then coming from a long day to a perfect mattress and pillows that allow you to release the stress and get a restorative sleep. This alone should make you wan to invest in yourself by getting the right mattress.


Chalet Casper, 4367 Saint-Denis, Montreal Qc

Visit their website for more info and schedule your nap! 

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