Are you ready for ROGERS CUP?!

Every year Montreal welcomes the top ATP tennis players during the ROGERS CUP presented by Banque Nationale and this year promises to be EPIC ever since Roger FEDERER confirmed his presence after more than 6 years of absence. Watching a match on TV vs being there is a whole different experience and I must add that the size of the stadium allows you to see the players really well. This is a great way to see some exquisite tennis from Federer, Nadal, Murray and much more! 

When you arrive on site there is so much more than the actual match as an attraction. If you are a tennis connoisseur make sure you participate in their prediction game where you can win a million dollars! For more info on whats going on from food  to your tickets visit the official Rogers Cup website

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Another great event happening not far from the stadium is the ALT COURT in collaboration with MURAL present a cool urban tennis village where people can join the fun for free. Art, live performances, food and lounging area have been installed for you.  At night, 5 tennis matches between Montreal finest artist/chefs and more will team up in a friendly game. An event no to be missed! 

Check their Facebook page for all the 411. 


Have fun and see you there! 





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