Spring is here and its time to switch it up with your fragrances. Warmer days calls for lighter and fresh scents. A great transition into the summer where we will go even lighter with the notes. Now this is not a mandatory thing but changing perfumes every season is quite fun and it makes a difference on your mood. My two scents. ;) 

Here are the top 3 perfumes that are not your typical light scent for Spring but they will attract the right energy. 


MAC Cosmetics brings you  a new collection of fragrances inspired by their classic (best seller) lipsticks. The top one (for me) is the 'Velvet Teddy' that really stands out from the crowd. It is safe to say that this one reminds me of Tom Ford's 'Tabacco Vanilla'. The sweet and musky notes will leave a lingering feeling.



Made in Spain, the perfume collection from ZARA is truly priceless. The intricate notes and versatility of the fragrances are remarquable. For 100ml you get a lasting perfume and it won't cost you more than 20$, yup this is Zara for you! My favorite one is a powdery vanilla based notes with a hint of chocolate called NIGHT. One splash and you will fall for it and trust that it will last a few hours. 



Canadian perfume house Monsillage launches their 8th perfume inspired by Dogon, West Africa where this area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vision for this new fragrance is to create a scent from a mix of the dry land, leather and the exotic wood. Create a mix that will simply take you to West Africa, and it works!  For this one, it is all about the journey and not the destination.





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