The perfect brow workshop!

For those of you who couldn't attend the Brow Workshop well you missed out! The good news is, we are cooking up a new edition soon. As a makeup artist, I realized that my clients had a lot of questions concerning their brows. Which technique is the best and most importantly, which products should they use to get the perfect brows. I like to think that there is no such thing as 'perfect' brows, its more how to get the shape that works for you. This is what I am dedicated to do, help you achieve that so called 'perfection'. We are so bombarded with information that it's understandable if you feel confused or simply need help. This is why the Brow Workshop is here so make sure you book a space for the next edition. 

Shout out to the brands (Make Up For Ever, L'Oréal & Personnelle)  who provided great brow products as it was a great opportunity for the students to play with them before deciding what they need. 

A special thank you to the people at BREATHER for partnering up with me! If you don't know about them well check them out for all you events, conferences and meetings. The concept is simple, thru an app reserve a modern space  that meets your needs and get the code to unlock the door the day of. Not from Montreal? Well book a space in other cities in New York, California and the UK!  Besides the user-friendly experience, I simply love the feel of the rooms, feels like home! 

So thank you for your interest and stay tuned for new dates! 




Geri YoungComment