My quest to find the best lipstick for darker skin women continues and I am loving what I found. I like when a lipstick delivers, what you see is what you get. It is important to remember that our lip color changes the final results so it is imperative that you try them on. This summer it was all about dark lips for me so here are my favorites that you can definitely wear this fall.


Mlle Geri xx


1. Nude for days

This lipstick from MAC might be my favorite nude for the moment. The mix of beige, brown and grey gives a nice cold mix. You will love it!

Shade: Stone

2. The perfect fuchsia

Everything purple works on darker skin women. I won't stress it enough, it is your 'go to' shade. This color from KLEANCOLOR is very close to perfection! From the moisturizing texture to the richness of the plum color, you will look hot!  Every time I wear it, I get compliments.

Shade: Fandango

3. Brown all around

What is hot right now is the monochrome look with makeup. Find a color that matches your skin tone or that is a real brown to give a natural and neutral effect. I wanted a real chocolate brown. It did not come out perfect as it looked in the tube but i still love the results. NYX is always a good option!

Shade: Club Hopper

4. The darker the lips the sweeter...

You can't go wrong with dark lips. Ever! This matte lip stain from MAC has been on heavy rotation. Since I tend to be lazy and I don't use liners, wearing matte products is perfect because it won't move and you can mimic the effect of the liner with the brush.

Shade: High Drama

5. Day and night

I like to break the rules but in a strategic way. I wear dark colors in the summer and during the day. Why not?!  This is a fall preview since it is not out in stores yet but its a great mix of blueish purple with a hint of black and even grey. Dare to wear!

Shade: :Lust Extract









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