There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
— Paulo Coelho

Mlle Geri

CREATIVE DIRECTION:  Does your image leave a lasting impression on others? How do you want people to feel once they experience your brand? These are the types of questions I love to tackle with my clients. I am here to help you perfect and elevate your image to get the best results. important to invest in your

PERSONAL BRANDING: My first love is truly helping people with their personal style. As an image consultant it is not about finding clothes that fit but more about finding your personal style, your lasting impression. My personalized shopping services with allow you to learn about your style, understand your shape and change your habits by stepping out of your comfort zone. Dare to wear is my motto! 

INFLUENCER: The engagement with my followers is my driving force. I share what I love in hopes that people get more out of life by experiencing what their cities have to offer. We all talk about ‘influencers’ but I believe that first and foremost I am a consumer so I choose to share what I personally use or love.